KidsArt, Inc. Case Study

KidsArt, Inc. specializes in helping schools & organizations raise money through the sale of stationery products that feature children's artwork. Every child who participates in a KidsArt, Inc. program has the opportunity to draw his or her own artwork which is then featured on stationery.
KidsArt, Inc.'s business model is known as mass customization, which means that each order they handle is customized — in this case, to produce custom stationery. Mass customization provides unique challenges because it requires complex systems both to organize and format the content provided by the customer and then utilize that content in the production of the items ordered.
We built the newest version of the KidsArt, Inc. website utilizing ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap, and the site includes responsive resizing of page layouts so that the site operates well on both computers and mobile devices. The site facilitates providing information on KidsArt's fundraising programs to fundraising chairpersons at schools & organizations, the people who decide which fundraisers to run.
The site includes downloadable content, information request and signup forms, and a dynamic letter generator that allows chairpeople to create a fundraising letter, personalized with their organization's details, to send home to families who use it to place orders.
Historically, KidsArt, Inc. fundraisers were completed on paper drawing forms, often in a classroom setting. Maintaining a paper-based system was a requirement, but we wanted to shift KidsArt, Inc. toward a digital workflow. We began with an in-depth audit of existing systems and developed a custom digital workflow that included a high-speed, automatic scanner, stylus pen technology for editing artwork, and custom software for handling the digital artwork. We also designed and implemented a system that eased distribution of the products at the school/organization level.
By automating these workflows, we increased throughput speeds and efficiency, and reduced costs.