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We're awesome at web design, web development, and custom e-commerce solutions.

Web Design

Web Development


We can also help with branding, product design, content creation, and product photography.

Web Design

Modern web design that powers engaging user experiences


For a more in-depth look at our work, check out our case studies.


Our broad range of business & programming experience qualifies us to tackle just about any project

JavaScript, HTML & CSS

We love web development and we're passionate about building beautiful pages. You'll benefit from our strong background in the standard technologies that drive the web.

.NET/C# Development

We're pros in C#/.NET development. Your website or web application will run on a well-supported, first-class framework.

Scalable Infrastructure

Why build things twice? We can build applications that scale as your business grows so that you don't have to start over when business starts booming.

User Uploads

If you require a complex system that accepts user uploads and then utilizes the uploaded content in production systems, we are well qualified to help you as we have developed several systems from scratch.

Web Applications

Having built both back-end administrative and customer-facing portals, we can deliver complex web applications that drive your operations or power your business.

Business Automation

We're adept at assessing manufacturing processes and using software to improve business productivity, such as by automating time-consuming tasks and streamlining operations.

JIT Personalization

Personalized items are in demand. We have hands-on experience with building end-to-end software systems for processing products that are personalized just-in-time.

Cloud Development

The cloud is here. We can help you discover how and if building software for the cloud can help your business grow and reduce costs. We're well-versed in cloud development.

Cloud Hosting

If you need us to host and manage your completed solution, ask us about hosting and management services.


We're passionate about e-commerce and offer custom e-commerce solutions

Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you're launching a new e-commerce business or refreshing an existing one, Div & Bracket can assist in developing strategic, user-centric, custom e-commerce solutions built on the .NET platform.